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Mulyar Crushing in Washington International Print E-mail
By Michael Regan   
August 9, 2013
Mulyar360.jpgAfter six rounds of the 2nd Annual Washington International IM Michael Mulyar has a half point lead and a 2742 performance rating. Michael has played two GMs and is paired against GM Smirin in round 7. Since the tournament qualifies as a super swiss, he is well on his way to a GM norm. One half point behind Michael are GMs Smirin, Perez, and Jimenez and IM Ludwig. Round 7 started today at 11am. Round 8 is 6pm on Saturday and the final round is at 11am on Sunday. You can follow along with live coverage at http://washintl.mdchess.com

Also doing well is FM Aleksandr Ostrovskiy with a score of 4 -2 and a 2522 performance rating. Seth Homa is also 4-2 and has a performance rating of 2455. FM Shiyam Thavandiran already has three IM norms and his 2527 performance so far helps in his quest to get his 2400 rating. In the 3.5 score group Samuel Sevian, Kevin Wang, Katerina Rohonyan, and Ruifeng Li are all within range of IM norms.

In the Razuvaev Memorial the only decisive game in the first round was GM Boris Gulko's win over Irina Krush. 

In the game Tukmakov-Kosteniuk Alexandra sacraficed two pawns for the initiative but Tukmakov was able to equalize and the game was drawn.