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June 10, 2013
Inspiration for your ultimate mixed doubles team: GM Kamsky and IM Krush
The 114th Annual U.S. Open starts in less than seven weeks in Middleton, Wisconsin.  This Chess Festival will have many side events and other National Championships including the Women's U.S. Open, the Denker Tournament of HS Champions, the Barber Tournament of K-8 State Champions, the National Girls Invitational, the U.S. Open Scholastic Tournament, the U.S. Open G/15 Championship and much, much more!  The festivities also include many seminars and workshops as well as the Delegates Meeting.  Many of our top players are expected to participate and, since this is a National event, GMs and WGMs receive free entry for the main event.

There is a prize fund of $50,000 based on 500 paid entries, with $40,000 guaranteed.  In addition to the prizes listed on the tournament announcement, we are adding a special category:  Mixed Doubles! There will be four prizes for the Mixed Doubles -- $800 for the couple, $600, $400 and $200.  These special prizes are in addition to the prizes already announced!  

A team is composed of a male and a female player.  The average rating of the team must be under 1800.  A player may be rated over 1800 as long as the team's average is under the limit.  Team composition must be submitted to the tournament staff prior to the start of the first game of the 4-Day Schedule.  So, bring another player and form a team!For details, registration, advance entries and updates please visit the tournament website, http://uschess.org/tournaments/2013/usopen/ .