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February 4, 2013
GregShahade300.jpgThe #4 article in Best of CLO 2012 is Greg on Chess: Time Controls in the US by IM Greg Shahade. Judges praised his candid discussion of how long time controls in the United States affect the experience of a chess tournament. Just as in "Opening Books", which won #10 Best of CLO, the article incited much discussion in the forums.

Greg Shahade is an International Master and the founder of the US Chess League and the US Chess School. He frequently contributes editorials for CLO, including most recently, "Greg on Chess: The State of Young American Chess Talent." Greg is also a chess coach and some fragments of his lessons can be found in US Chess School reports on CLO.

Greg used to play poker professionally, which led to him securing US Chess League sponsorship via PokerStars. Greg does training videos on his YouTube channel and for LeggoPoker. You can also find out more about him on his website and follow him on twitter.

The Judges Sound Off
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Greg is brilliant at pointing out what is right and wrong with chess. He has the unique ability to look at a situation from both the point of view as an "insider" and "outsider". He is like a comedian who points something out that you never thought of, and think "yeah that is dumb! Why didn't I think of that!" This blog post got a ton of comments, and is brilliant, and straight to the point, and makes you think. Loved it!--Tim Brennan 

I’m not sure what I liked more; the article itself or all the comments in response.  He made compelling arguments for shortening time controls.  Everyone has an opinion on the topic.  I happen to agree with Greg on his argument and would love to see g/90 +30i tried in some event in the US. I’ve played in the Grand Pacific Open in Victoria, BC. They use that time control in that event.  Very civilized pace!-Polly Wright 

Truly interesting insights on the flaws in U.S. Swiss Opens. Candid discussion and suggested improvements on something that most chess players have considered at one time on the other.-Daaim Shabazz

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