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Qualifiers for 2012 World Youth Print E-mail
By Jerry Nash   
June 21, 2012
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Official Press Release
21 June 2012 Contact: Jerry Nash
USCF Director of Special Projects
Press Release #37 of 2012 [email protected]
Cell: 931.787.2756

  Players Qualify for 2012 World Youth

(CROSSVILLE, TN) The United States Chess Federation is pleased to announce that the following players have qualified to participate in the 2012 World Youth Chess Championships to be held in Maribor, Slovenia from November 7 – 19. Players qualify by rating, by earning a Personal Right winning the Gold Medal at the previous World Youth (PR), and by achieving top spots at designated national scholastic events (NA/All-Girls). Additional players will qualify as winners of the upcoming 2012 US Cadet Championship, the 2012 Denker Tournament of High School Champions, and the 2012 Barber Tournament of K-8 Champions. Complete USCF invitation regulations are located at http://main.uschess.org/content/view/7865/131/.

The top players by rating in each age category are considered the official representatives by FIDE, the World Chess Federation, but all players compete in the event as part of the US delegation. Details concerning the 2012 World Youth tournament may be found at the organizers website: http://www.wycc2012.com/. All players should contact Jerry Nash by Friday, July 20th at [email protected] for additional information regarding costs and registration for the 2012 World Youth.

Congratulations to all the players who qualified for the 2012 World Youth!

Boys Under 8

Christopher Shen OH 1897  
Tan Nguyen VA 1881 NA
Jason Metpally TX 1736  
Ben Rood CA 1733  
Ethan Tang AZ 1686  
Joaquin Perkins CA 1654  
Aydin Turgut IL 1632  
Erik Brodsky NY 1627  
Harry Wang TX 1625  
Taran Idnani NJ 1623  
Daniel Levkov NY 1621  
Atreya Vaidya TX 1613  
Rohan Suryawanshi CT 1599  
Stefan Musikic IL 1595  
Henry Hawthorn TX 1582  
Eric Wang TX 1573  
Kevin Chor AZ 1568  
Corwin Cheung NY 1558  
Kelvin Jiang CA 1547  
Roshan Idnani NJ 1531  
David Zhurbinsky NJ 1536  
Balaji Daggupati CA 1531  
Milind Maiti CA 1522  
Aryaman Bansal TX 1521  
Pieter Heesters MD 1516  
Cole Frutos TX 1509  
Maxwell Feng GA 1501  
Anish Vivekananthan TX 1501  
Anthony He WA 1283 NA
Logan Wu TN 1261 NA

Boys Under 10

Praveen Balakrishnan NJ 2105  
Awonder Liang WI 2104 PR
Rayan Taghizadeh CA 2006  
Aravind Kumar NJ 2002  
David Peng IL 1995  
Andrew Titus MN 1981  
Luke Xie OH 1911  
Andrew Zheng MD 1908  
Marcus Miyasaka NY 1902  


Boys Under 12

Jeffery Xiong TX 2394  
Samuel Sevian CA 2360  
Jonathan Chiang TX 2228  
Tommy He TX 2205  
Cameron Wheeler CA 2204  
Roland Feng WA 2185  
Albert Lu CA 2183  
Ruifeng Li TX 2181 PR
Vignesh Panchanatham CA 2138  
Alexander Crump NY 2128  
Udit Iyengar CA 2115  
Joshua Sheng CA 2112  
John Ludwig FL 2094  
Craig Hilby CA 2093  
Bovey Liu TX 2073  
Kadhir Pillai NY 2072  
Ethan Li AZ 2070  
Siddharth Banik CA 2065  
Zhaozhi Li IL 2064  
Tanuj Vasudeva CA 2062  
Kevin Moy CA 2056  
Nicolas Checa NY 2052  
Amir Moazami NY 2011 NA



Boys Under 14

Kayden Troff UT 2395  
Christopher Gu RI 2369  
Luke Harmon-Velloti ID 2349  
James Black NY 2322 NA
Justus Williams NY 2318  
Christopher Wu NJ 2322 NA
Joshua Colas NY 2320  
Mika Brattain MA 2257  
Kapil Chandran CT 2226  
Andrew Tang MN 2208  
Safal Bora MI 2205  



Boys Under 16

Darwin Yang TX 2562  
Aleksandr Ostrovskiy NY 2442  
Michael Bodek NY 2407  
Arthur Shen NJ 2381  
Yian Liou CA 2379  
Atulya Shetty MI 2379  
David Adelberg AZ 2371  
Michael Brown CA 2351  
Kevin Wang MD 2334  
Sean Vibbert IN 2315  
Varun Krishnan CA 2307  
David Hua NJ 2305  



Boys Under 18

Ray Robson FL 2692  
Daniel Naroditsky CA 2552  
Robert Perez FL 2519  
Parker Zhao NY 2491  
William Fisher NY 2436  



Girls Under 8

Maggie Ni TX 1609 All-Girls
Agnes William CA 1422  
Jessica Rattray NY 1318  
Anh Nguyen TX 1317  
Zhiyi Wang CA 1179  
Sadie Edelman CT 1174  
Sara Lin TX 1137  
Carol Chen NY 1133  
Aasa Dommalapati VA 1120  
Iris Zhou MO 1104  



Girls Under 10

Annie Wang CA 1938  
Akshita Gorti VA 1831  
Jennifer Yu VA 1802  
Emily Nguyen TX 1761  
Carissa Yip MA 1683  
Joanna Liu CA 1673  
Alara Balasaygun PA 1618  
Emily Hu OH 1567  
Ramitha Ravishankar NJ 1561 All-Girls
Meghana Bhanuprasad OH 1520  
Naomi Bashkansky WA 1517  
Camille Kao TX 1510  



Girls Under 12

Maggie Feng OH 2012  
Rachel Ulrich WI 1838  
Devina Devagharan TX 1827  
Anupama Rajendra WI 1822 All-Girls
Clarissa Abella TX 1805  
Ashritha Eswaran CA 1786 All-Girls
Priya Trakru TX 1782  
Queena Deng CA 1725  
Brittany Nguyen TX 1723  
Samritha Palakollu NJ 1714  
Katherine Davis NY 1706  
Sadia Qureshi TX 1706  



Girls Under 14

Simone Liao CA 2163  
Apurva Virkud MI 2068  
Alice Dong NJ 2063  
Kimberly Ding NJ 2046  
Rachel Gologorsky FL 2041  
Margaret Hua MO 2010  
Maryia Oreshko NJ 1988  
Agata Bykovtsev CA 1981  
Florizelle Songco NY 1836  
Joie Wang VA 1807 All-Girls
Kristen Sarna TX 1806  
Annie Zhao TX 1805  
Stephanie Shao CA 1801  



Girls Under 16

Sarah Chiang TX 2233  
Megan Lee WA 2123  
Epiphany Peters MI 2088  
Jessica Regam PA 2076  
Jasmine Chen NY 2013  
Michelle Chen MA 2005  
Eve Zhurbinskiy NJ 1993  
Becca Lampman WA 1961  
Lilia Poteat NY 1958 All-Girls
Saisree Ravi MN 1909  



Girls Under 18

Alena Kats NY 2244  
Anna Matlin NJ 2105  
Darrian Robinson NY 2080  
Emily Tallo IN 2057  
Rochelle Ballantyne NY 2008  



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