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GM Susan Polgar Gets Her Kicks in Dresden
By Susan Polgar   

FIFA or FIDE? With soccer balls (excuse us, footballs) flying and chess pieces attacking, the innovative Women's World Chess Cup in Germany is won by our top woman player.

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Wojtkiewicz's National Open Valedictory
By Jerry Hanken   

Bill Hook

Typically, five strong GMs tied for first at the annual National Open. However, for the winner on tiebreaks, the win came just a short month before his tragic death.

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Top US Players Converge in New York
By Susan Polgar   

Six of America's top players sat down in the elegant atmosphere of the New York Athletic Club for the first Mayor's Cup, a top-level double round robin.

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Giving Odds:Pawn and Move(s)
By Larry Kaufman   

Illustration of Wilhelm Steinitz by Ron Atkinson

At one time, giving odds was the standard way of playing chess. As computers now play at grandmaster strength, are we perhaps coming full circle?

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Interview with David Shenk
By Howard Goldowsky   

Photo Courtesy of Doubleday

The author of The Immortal Game tells Chess Life about his new book.

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Should You Shower This Book with Gold Pieces?
By Alex Dunne   

An examination of how chess parallels many aspects of life for those who think of chess as a gestalt rather than simply a game.

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G8 Predecessors Win Amateur Team Championships
By Pete Tamburro   
Contestants went PC to PC until one of their screens blinked as the Internet Chess Club hosted the Final Four champions from the various U.S. Amateur team championships held around the country this past winter.

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