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Pruess and Khachiyan win in L.A.
By Ian Rogers   
It seems like a lifetime has passed since I last competed in the American Open. Back in 1982, I was an ambitious young IM who knew that to win any weekend tournament on the West Coast you had to overcome Igor Ivanov, Kamran Shirazi or, if you were unlucky, both.

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U.S. Open Bonus Games
By Jerry Hanken   

Photo Jennifer Shahade

Jerry Hanken annotates ten of his favorite games from the 2006 Chicago Open for www.uschess.org while Michael Aigner discusses his crucial last round game against Grandmaster John Fedorowicz.

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Shulman Shines in 107th U.S. Open
By Jerry Hanken   

Yury Shulman, Winner of 2006 U.S. Open. Photo by Black/Toby Photography

GM Yury Shulman just missed out on winning the U.S. Championship in San Diego because of a playoff loss to Alex Onischuk. However, with a superb performance in Chicago he becomes the U.S. Open Champion.

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Denker Deconstructed
By Jonathan Hilton   

Nelson Lopez II, 2006 Denker Tournament Winner. Photo by Chris Bird

The Ohio high school champion gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the competition and the atmosphere in one of America’s premier scholastic events, including making friends with the Polgar participants.

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A Polgar Player's Perspective
By Abby Marshall   

Abby Marshall. Photo by Chris Bird

The two-time champion gives us a glimpse into her thoughts as she went about defending her title.

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U.S. Team Rocks Pan Am Youth Championships!
By Aviv Friedman   

Elliot Lui and Tatev Abrahamyan

After a difficult journey to Ecuador, our team gathers itself to win a number of medals, including top honors for Elliott Liu and Tatev Abrahamyan.

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The Iron Man of Chess
By Eugene Perelshteyn   

Aleksander Wojtkiewicz. Photo by Chris Bird

Right up to his death, Aleks Wojtkiewicz was among America’s leading grandmasters. One of our newest grandmasters, a college teammate of Wojo’s, provides us with a remembrance.

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