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Cold War Post Mortem
By Al Lawrence   

Anatoly Lein. Photo by Nigel Eddis

American chess has been deeply affected by the influx of players from the Soviet Union, a process accelerated since the death of the U.S.S.R. 15 years ago this month.

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Nine Positions that Rocked the World Championship
By Ian Rogers   

Vladimir Kramnik. Photo by Misha Savinov

Did Bobby ever complain about Spassky’s toilet? Here are the key moments and the most entertaining positions from the October reunification World Championship match, which featured enough off-the-board shenanigans to make Fischer proud.

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The Best of "Ask GM Joel"
By Joel Benjamin   

Joel Benjamin. Photo by Chris Bird

Periodically, we will be highlighting material from the redesigned uschess.org. "Ask GM Joel" is on the Chess Life Online portion of the website, where original material is posted on a regular basis.

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Gulko Leads Americans in Canada
By Irina Krush   

Boris Gulko. Photo by Irina Krush

This August, Montreal was the site of the second-strongest round robin tournament held in North America since Montreal 1979 (the 2005 Morelia event was stronger). Who would’ve guessed that Montreal was such a chess center?

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The Sense of Danger, Part III: Nature, Red in Tooth and Claw
By Jon Jacobs   

Part II of this series (see December 2005) was named “Best Instructional Article” by the Chess Journalists of America. We think this installment is just as good.

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GM Chess Mom
By Alexey Root   

GM Susan Polgar with her son Tommy. Photo by Paul Truong

Curious about celebrity chess motherhood, our author asked GM Susan Polgar to tell about her two sons’ chess lives and to predict whether they would follow her into the chess “major leagues.”

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Trouble Starts with T, T Rhymes with C, C is for Chess
By J.C. Hallman   
A piece of serious literature and a Broadway musical. The FIDE President and a bad Mel Brooks movie. The Chess Artist author ties them all together.

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