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August 2007
Shabalov Enters Elite Company With Fourth U.S. Championship Title
By John Watson   
thumb_us-champ-group_web.jpgFischer, Reshevsky, Browne, Evans, and Seirawan: The list of U.S. Champions with four or more wins is an exclusive club. GM Alex Shabalov has earned his membership card.

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Searching for Josh Waitzkin
By Bruce Pandolfini   
thumb_JoshWaitzkinPalmStrike_Web.jpgFred Waitzkin wrote (referencing his son’s national elementary chess championship) how rare it is for anyone to win a national championship. But Josh then wins a world championship in a completely different field.

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Milov, Shulman Win Windy City
By Elizabeth Vicary   
thumb_Chicago-Open_Milov_Web.jpg With six points each, Swiss GM Vadim Milov (top left) and GM Yury Shulman of Chicago (top right) tied for first in the Chicago Open May 25-28, beating out a strong field of 16 grandmasters and nine international masters.

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Topalov Tops Sofia; Kamsky Second
By Ian Rogers   
thumb_Mtel_Kamsky_Web.jpg For the second year in a row, GM Gata Kamsky takes second place behind world-number-two GM Veselin Topalov, leaving the American unsatisfied as he prepared for his upcoming Candidates’ matches.

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The Umstead Attack
By J.C. Hallman   
thumb_Umstead-StefanssonNYOpen199.jpg Fans of J.C. Hallman’s The Chess Artist will remember Glenn Umstead (left). Even if you haven’t read the book, Umstead’s 1997 New York Open encounter with GM Hannes Stefansson (right) will resonate with any player who dreams of matching wits with a GM.

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Chess Coach Symposium
By Elizabeth Vicary   
thumb_Coach_cheering-for-the-Team.jpgAugust is back-to-school month in much of the country, so as chess programs start gearing up for the new school year, Chess Life picks the brains of a selection of our top American coaches—but adult students should read this too.

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Looks at Books: Getting Buggy
By Richard Francisco   
thumb_Buggy_McNally-Meerovich-lef.jpg While Chess Life does not usually devote space to variants, bughouse is a force to be reckoned with as any visitor to a scholastic event can see—possibly it is as popular as blitz. Now it is even generating its own literature.

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