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Serbs Successfully Challenge UTD
By Olin Chism   
In the tradition of the great transatlantic radio matches, the University of Texas at Dallas chess team responded to a challenge from the University of Belgrade. The Serbians won this ICC match, but the UTD team will seek revenge.

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Korchnoi Wins World Senior Championship
By Carl Wagner   

GM Viktor Korchnoi (right) with silver medalist GM Vlastimil Jansa. Photo by Bill Hook

Francois De La Rochefoucauld observed, “Few people know how to be old.” For the seniors at this World Championship, “knowing how” involves playing ageless chess.

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USCF 2003 Absolute Correspondence Chess Championship
By Alex Dunne   

Corky Schakel (l), photo by Jon Berard. Wesley (Ted) Brandhorst (r), photo by Amber Canterbury.

Each year, 13 of the top-rated USCF CC players meet in a round robin tournament to determine the best of the best in the USCF Absolute Correspondence Chess Championship. Here are this year’s results.

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Kudrin Wins Western States Open
By Michael Aigner   

Photo by Jennifer Shahade

For a quarter of a century, players have flocked to Reno for the Western States Open. For GM Kudrin and IM Sevillano, their trip this year yields a spot in the 2007 U.S. Championship.

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American Youth Adventures at the World Championships
By Aviv Friedman   

Some of the American youth participating in the World Junior and World Youth Championships. Photo by Dujiu Yang

The American chess community can be proud of our top juniors who competed in the World Junior and World Youth championships. Though championships and medals proved elusive, they represented the United States with fiercly competitive chess.

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First Moves: Miller Park
By USCF Staff   

Photo by Scott Paulus

More than 200 chess players descended upon Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on September 30 for the "Miller Park Fall Classic," a regional scholastic chess tournament that drew newcomers, experienced players, and "Bernie Brewer," the Milwaukee Brewers mascot.

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Chess to Enjoy: Pawn Power in Chess Redux
By Andy Soltis   
For those of you who bandy about terms such as sweeper, headpawn,leuco-bound chain and telestop, your Kmochian vocabulary is about to increase even further.

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