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Blockading Chess Cheaters
By Jon Jacobs   
thumb_chess_stall_FINALW.jpgChess notables swap ideas at "Cheating Town Meeting": In an episode from the 1960s TV drama Mission: Impossible, master-of-disguise Rollin Hand (played by Martin Landau) impersonated a chess master competing in an international tournament.* Using a hearing aid to receive computer-generated moves from his mission colleagues, Rollin demolished his grandmaster opponents—even winning one game in a mere four moves!

Fast-forward to 2006.

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The Curious Case of the Phony and the Phonito
By Michael Atkins   
thumb_phonito-couleur-2doigtsW.jpg The World Open, one of the most eagerly anticipated events on each year's chess calendar, has unfortunately been the focal point of recent cheating scandals.

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Nakamura Knocks 'em Dead in Vegas!
By Jerry Hanken   
thumb_nakamura,h7w.jpgRanked second in the U.S. only behind Gata Kamsky, Nakamura shows why he belongs at the top.

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America's Top Scholastic Players Shine in Orlando
By Elizabeth Vicary   
thumb_david-hua-blitz_k12W.jpgThe 2006 National K-12 and Collegiate had plenty of chess clocks. What it really needed were alarm clocks.

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Sac Your Queen on Move Six! (A New Anti-Computer Variation)
By Dana Mackenzie   
thumb_DanaMackenzieW.jpg Frustrated by Fritz? Confused by Crafty?? Here’s a way you can even the score against your computer. It just might help you against an IM, too!

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Pan Am Showcases Top Collegians
By Alan T. Sherman and Craig Jones   
thumb_UTD-Pan-am-W.jpgThe UTD continues its dominance of late, winning the 2006 Pan-Am Intercollegiate and advancing to the Final Four along with UMBC, Miami Dade, and Duke.

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Looks at Books: A Conversation with Michael Weinreb
By Howard Goldowsky   
thumb_Weinreb_headW.jpg Though in the tradition of books such as Searching For Bobby Fischer, The Kings of New York has something fresh to say. Author Michael Weinreb gives us the background story in this revealing interview.

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