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A Festival of Chess: The US Amateur Teams
By Jack Adamo, John Hillery, Harvey Lerman, Jeremy Kane   
thumb_usat.jpg They headed east, they headed west, north, and south too—chess players from around the country participated in the annual amateur team events, celebrating all that is right with USCF chess.

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Fun and Games in Oklahoma
By Jerry Hanken   
thumb_aveskulovweb.jpgThe site of this month’s U.S. Championship hosted a preview of sorts in February. Special incentives to promote our top women players proved especially welcome.

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The Modern Archangel
By John-Paul Wallace   
thumb_archangelweb.jpg The Classic Archangel has been played since at least Morphy’s time. The Modern Archangel is now a staple among some of the super-GMs; should it be part of your repertoire as well?

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MacEnulty Honored at UTD
By Alexey Root   
thumb_macenulty-croppedweb.jpg The University of Texas at Dallas hosts a ChessFest and the announcement of David MacEnulty as Chess Educator of the Year.

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Looks at Books: An Openings Farm
By Pete Tamburro   
thumb_mastering_chess_openings.jpgGeorge Orwell wrote in Animal Farm, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” What does this have to do with an opening treatise? Pete Tamburro explains.

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Chess Life's U.S. Championship Preview
By Greg Shahade   
A full field will be gunning for 2006 U.S. Champion GM Alex Onischuk’s crown. Who has the best chance? Who are the longshots? IM Greg Shahade sizes up the field expected in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

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2007 Chess Journalists of America/Cramer Awards Joint Announcement
By Pete Tamburro   
Jerry Hanken, president of the Chess Journalists of America, and Dr. Frank Brady, chair of the Cramer Awards, jointly announce their annual call for material published in print publications or on the Internet.

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