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Get Ready for the Next Generation
By Macauley Peterson   
thumb_Nakamura_Web.jpg With Kasparov retired, Karpov past his prime, and Kamsky an “elder statesman” at 32, who will the new elite players be? Most are from overseas, but American chess fans have their own standard bearers.

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Ehlvest Takes Masters by a Full Point
By Mike Klein   
thumb_Ehlvest_byMikeKlein_Web.jpgIn Estonia, “Jah” means “Yes.” At the 2007 U.S. Masters Championships, “Jaan” translated into an even more resounding “Yes!” as GM Jaan Ehlvest, the lone grandmaster in the field, easily breezed to the crown.

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Burning at the Boards
By Nelly Rosario   
thumb_BurningBoards_Web.jpgChess Life does not usually publish “my first tournament” features, but when the tournament might appeal to pyromaniacs...

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Florida Teens Take Title
By Pete Tamburro   
thumb_USAT-South_Web.jpgAt the online U.S. Amateur Team (Teen?) Championship, a group of Orange State teens emphasize the youth trend in the USCF.

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UTD Breaks Jinx
By Olin Chism   
thumb_UTD-Team_Web.jpgAfter four straight years of wins for UMBC in the chess world’s own version of March Madness, UTD finally takes the big prize in college chess.

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Looks at Books: Building Blocks to Master
By Joel Benjamin   
thumb_endgame-bk-cover-art_Web.jpgEndgame books have come a long way since the rote memorization required by Reuben Fine’s Basic Chess Endings. IM Jeremy Silman’s novel and practical presentation of material in his latest book represents a great step forward.

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The Millenium Festival Returns to Virginia Beach
By Bryan Smith   
The Virginia Chess Federation rescues a popular tournament and mid-Atlantic players are rewarded with a fine location, fun side events, and a strong main draw led by Ehlvest, Shabalov, and Stripunsky.

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