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IM Jesse Kraai Joins the Elite
By Jennifer Shahade   
thumb_jesse_5Web.jpg 34-year-old Jesse Kraai of Santa Fe earned his third GM norm at the 2007 Foxwoods Open. With younger and younger children earning the title, it is easy for adults to become convinced that the GM title is out of reach once you’re old enough to drive. Jesse tells us how he did it old-school, on the couch.

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The Prince of Foxwoods
By Jerry Hanken   
thumb_Kamsky5Web.jpgA four-way tie for first, with our world championship candidate first among equals. The first American-born GM in ten years emerges. An eight-year-old takes first in his section. Once again, Foxwoods pays dividends.

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Reno's Chess Fest
By Michael Aigner   
thumb_SevillanoWeb.jpg A four-way tie for first in happenin’ Reno highlights an event known for clinging to the best of chess’ classical traditions.

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A Chess Show in the Show Me State
By Alex Betaneli   
thumb_Michael-ZhongWeb.jpg IM Alex Lenderman, Alex Barnett, and Michael Zhong are the co-champions at the record-setting 2007 National High School Championship.

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Six Tie For First in the National Junior High Championship
By Elizabeth Vicary   
thumb_Alex-Getz-2Web.jpg Hunter College Campus School, the perennial powerhouse coached by GM Hikaru Nakamura’s dad FM Sunil Weermantry, once again takes the top prize and one of their own takes the individual on tiebreaks.

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All Girls' National Again A Success
By Betsy Dynako   
thumb_16und-team-1stWeb.jpgDespite horrible weather on the east coast keeping many participants from making it to the event, the annual All Girls’ National still managed an impressive field of 136 players.

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Bunratty Chess Festival
By Joel Benjamin   
thumb_BunrattyWeb.jpgA grandmaster who seemed to grow up on the pages of Chess Life shares his trip to storied Ireland, where he must compete against a lifelong friend for the pot o’ gold.

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