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Top Girls Age 7 and Under November 2021

1Yang, Aimee (30082227)7PAUSA1303
2Yao, Annie (30095222)6TXUSA1273
3Diao, Sujia (17103011)7NJUSA1137
4Liu, Chloe (30081462)7TXUSA1021
5Wang, Mila (30215770)7PAUSA980
6Ayithi, Yashaswini (30021117)7PAUSA951
7Guttman, Lyla Summer (16777001)7NYUSA893
8Wong, Zoe (17171472)7NYUSA869
9Khademzadeh, Elsa (17087732)7CAUSA785
10Li, Tiffany (30184600)7MIUSA764
11Gorantla, Medha Sri (30242725)6NJUSA760
12Maya, Leah (17165813)7NYUSA745
13Wang, Dena N (30043285)6NYUSA742
14Jang, Eleanor (30048702)6FLUSA722
15Fan, Jocelyn (16778266)7CAUSA714
16Prasad, Karina (17311111)7FLUSA703
17Saha, Tanisha (17305578)7FLUSA688
18Shanmugam, Varsha (16912173)7WAUSA603
19Shenoy, Avani (30015624)6CAUSA585
=19Liu, Ellie (30065578)6NYUSA585
21Ramesh, Kavya (30043390)6NJUSA545
22Martin, Charlotte Li (30136112)5CTUSA530
23Sun, Claire (30181766)7CAUSA482
24Zhao, Erica (17156172)6PAUSA450
25Cabrales-Goldstein, Michaela (16768447)7CAUSA448
26Deen, Lilly (30157260)6FLUSA427
27Liu, Elsa Shunyi (30149811)6CAUSA421
28King, Stella (30157289)6FLUSA401
29Watanabe, Lily (17192938)7NYUSA373
30Buczyna, Lily (30188181)6VAUSA361
31Gilbert, Chloe Evelyn (30143836)7FLUSA357
32Thomas, Nora (30199086)5FLUSA356
33Hood, Leighann (30199094)5FLUSA298
34Trilling, Shira (17247333)7NYUSA287
35Cheng, Augustine (17169418)7FLUSA238
36Bothe, Devaanshi (17073438)7ILUSA229
37Pinkoson, Emma (30157307)6FLUSA214
38Zhang, Emily (17125513)7CAUSA141
39Ramos, Sophia (17282526)7FLUSA128
40Patibandla, Naina (30147932)5NJUSA123
These Top 100 lists are updated every month by the United States Chess Federation. As of the June 2014 list, ages will be as of the first day of the month in which those ratings become official. For example, ages for the December lists will be as of December 1. (For Top 100 lists prior to June 2014, ages are as of the first day of the previous month.)

Ratings shown are the official US Chess ratings for the month indicated, which are generated on the third Wednesday of the month before they become official. Only current US Chess members with established ratings and ratings activity in the last year are shown. Please contact us if you have questions about these lists.