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Correspondence Players regardless of Country, Residence, or Federation February 2009

1Duliba, Edward P (10147310)PAUSA2475
2Van Enk, Steven J (12729266)ORUSA2466
3Cullum, Chuck (12683996)MAUSA2465
4Brandhorst, Wesley T (10177103)FLUSA2447
5Menke, John R (10427398)ILUSA2445
6O'Connell, Christopher Ian (10206600)DEUSA2442
O'Hare, Ciaran (12540472)OKUSA2442
8Cotten, Donald R (10452716)CAUSA2441
9Coplin, Lawrence J (10156785)FLUSA2428
10Miettinen, Kristo, Maj (12486315)NYUSA2418
11Cook, Randy (12414122)AZUSA2416
12Rose, Bleys (12405134)CAUSA2412
13Schwing, Joseph A (10158508)MDUSA2409
14Greene, David F (12547622)NJUSA2406
15Boucher, William P (12016040)NHUSA2404
16Jacobs, Robert Merton (10363811)MOUSA2395
17Brower, Walter J (12416332)ALUSA2392
18Tracz, James G (12398324)OHUSA2383
19Keating, Robert F (12641782)IAUSA2374
20Concha, Hugo J (12464289)FLUSA2372
21Gales, Wesley V (12487508)WIUSA2365
22Levine, Joel (10099200)NYUSA2361
23Langland, Thomas P (11236219)CAUSA2356
Biedermann, Thomas W (11502440)CAUSA2356
25Stueber, Guido J (12677347)SCUSA2346
26Swan, Peter Lee (10163421)COUSA2340
Baffo, Jeffrey (10340195)COUSA2340
28Adams, Gary R (12515217)AZUSA2339
29Wilson, Abe L (12483963)HIUSA2338
30Buss, Michael D (12437668)INUSA2333
31Fischvogt, Eric V (10275831)MIUSA2331
32Schultheis, Donald H, Sr (10183758)MDUSA2328
33Schakel, Corky (10318602)MNUSA2324
34Rodriguez, Keith (10118735)FLUSA2323
Daves, Dana (12395110)NCUSA2323
36Fass, Robert (10127319)NYUSA2322
37Ryan, Patrick J (10050880)NJUSA2309
38Anderson, Laurence Allyn (12238840)MOUSA2302
39Walters, Gary L (12617923)OHUSA2299
40Prieto, Alberto (10377811)GAUSA2296
41Rhodes, James E (12687721)CAUSA2286
42Weiner, Gerald H (10061237)CTUSA2284
43Kain, Anthony (13585133)FLUSA2283
44Sogin, David Warren (12546407)KYUSA2280
45Magat, Gordon B (10088828)NYUSA2278
46Greene, Sanford I (10107369)NYUSA2277
47Endsley, Barry E (10397901)MIUSA2269
Woodard, Daniel S (12410084)NVUSA2269
49Gwaltney, Javy R, Iii (12442037)SCUSA2268
50Poole, Kenneth J (12249130)CAUSA2267
51Horwitz, Danny (10607078)TXUSA2266
Therrien, Robert E (12544615)CTUSA2266
53Smith, David H (10301998)COUSA2263
54Cruz, Humberto (10231221)FLUSA2262
55Funston, David A, P-37790 (12829713)CAUSA2255
56Ingersol, Harry (10347394)MOUSA2253
57Strock, Faraday J (12501396)ILUSA2251
58Eilmes, Don P (10462398)CAUSA2245
Skeels, Jim B (12587417)FLUSA2245
60Ballow, John (12397699)CAUSA2243
61Calogridis, Michael S (10394546)TXUSA2242
Gach, Andrew (10481007)WAUSA2242
63Boege, Harold W (10323126)MNUSA2241
64Hillery, John K (10010250)CAUSA2235
Motta, Paul S (10435986)ORUSA2235
Robledo, Mark, Sr (12597337)ILUSA2235
67Siefring, Carl L (12397436)MDUSA2233
68Everitt, Gordon T (12201480)LAUSA2229
69Mclaughlin, Richard Francis (12443601)NYUSA2227
Ying, Victor (12542977)NYUSA2227
71Delehanty, Thomas (12642096)NYUSA2225
72Endler, Jeffrey I (10031923)DEUSA2224
Murray-Miller, Morgan (12609710)NYUSA2224
74Bonsack, Laurence T (12500562)CAUSA2223
75Shipman, Joseph L (10114322)NJUSA2221
Jones, Jan (12475891)AZUSA2221
77Kell, Spencer R (10431646)CAUSA2220
78Miehm, Robert (11046894)TNUSA2217
79Truax, Charles R, Sr (12394519)INUSA2214
80Marshall, Michael J (12126310)GAUSA2213
81Schultheis, Shane (12598451)MDUSA2211
82Berger, Clifford Andrew (12435066)NDUSA2210
83Mcgregor, Stephen Dean (12437976)TXUSA2207
84Connelly, Thomas P (10132258)VAUSA2204
85Coryell, Kenneth William (11217362)OHUSA2202
86Ireland, R Scott (12217080)FLUSA2201
87Wood, James (12643364)VAUSA2200
88Sharpell, Fred (12088600)NJUSA2199
Reynolds, Bruce E (12477177)VAUSA2199
90Meiners, Edwin Paul, Iii (10395801)AZUSA2196
91Smith, Steven Richard (11097332)PAUSA2195
92Van Deene, Gerard J (10512077)ORUSA2194
93Cross, Gregory W (12280220)TXUSA2192
Proof, Michael C (12909410)CAUSA2192
95Van Dooren, James (12658352)FLUSA2186
96Porter, David W (12514878)MDUSA2183
97Brochard, Thomas W (11155669)CTUSA2178
Griffith, David (12505334)OHUSA2178
99Walker, Barry Wood (12483835)MOUSA2173
100Beres, Juraj (12729005)FLUSA2168
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