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Top Age 65 and Over regardless of Country, Residence, or Federation April 2008

1Volovich, Anatoly (12457229)71NJUSA2391
2Saidy, Anthony F (10439949)70CAUSA2331
3Lein, Anatoly Y (11167489)76OHUSA2330
4Tapaszto, Laszlo B (10531381)74NYVEN2304
5Hoffmann, Asa (10076994)65NYUSA2298
6Formanek, Edward William (10349257)65PAUSA2283
7Curdo, John A (10009201)76MAUSA2270
8Pismennyy, Avraam (12858217)70MARUS2268
9Dunne, Alex (10155576)66PAUSA2267
10Mc Laughlin, Clifford W (12394067)66MAUSA2252
11Shipman, Walter J (10114357)78CAUSA2248
12Naranja, Renato C (13024036)67NJPHI2231
13Golyak, Isay (12531126)76NYUSA2223
14Wagner, Carl E (10457122)67CAUSA2222
15Zelkind, Eduard (12214740)65MNUSA2218
16Fayvinov, Zakhar (12583831)75PAUSA2215
17Bisguier, Arthur B (10125260)78NYUSA2213
18Dubeck, Leroy W (10061083)69NJUSA2205
19Zisman, Boris (12541759)67MDUSA2203
20Gwyn, James E, Sr (10046963)77NJUSA2200
Feuerstein, Arthur William (10055725)72NJUSA2200
Hook, William E (10179408)82MDIVB2200
Strenzwilk, Denis F (10179629)67MDUSA2200
Pohl, Klaus A (10214033)70SCUSA2200
Sprague, Ross (10261341)67OHUSA2200
Brasket, Curt Justin (10322928)75MNUSA2200
Simms, Gary (10403227)66TXUSA2200
Hanken, Jerome B (10432766)73CAUSA2200
Kerman, David J (10435421)71CAUSA2200
Weinberger, Tibor (10439990)75CAUSA2200
Wang, Arthur D (10525691)65CAUSA2200
Patty, John (12397977)72TXUSA2200
Mc Cormick, James H (12438679)71WAUSA2200
Reichstein, Boris (12455549)69MDUSA2200
Shapiro, Michael (12533027)72NJUSA2200
Ponomarev, Mikhail P (12540474)82COUSA2200
37Sholomson, Stephen L (10433452)67CAUSA2197
38Fitzgerald, Kenneth L (12546357)69CAUSA2189
39Sutherland, Don C (10408016)65TXUSA Unvalidated2178
40Heinen, Larry (10704031)66MDUSA2160
41Ossipov, Victor (12688581)76CAUSA2146
42Margulis, Igor (12543394)70CAUSA2145
Milicevic, Dragoljub (12744129)75*FOR*CAN2145
44Solonkovich, Ilya (12944828)71NYUSA2137
45Gross, Ronald Joseph (10442435)72NVUSA2135
46Leidner, Michael (10447097)67CAUSA2122
47Miller, Peretz (10126142)77FLUSA Unvalidated2113
48Jacobs, Robert Merton (10363811)79MOUSA2108
49Tkach, Leonid (12621559)68MAUSA2106
50Alsasua, Eleuterio A (10492211)70NVUSA2104
51Blumenfeld, Rudy (10102031)73NYUSA2102
52Ciaffone, Robert B (10288851)67MIUSA2100
Hayes, Raymond C (10312345)79WIUSA2100
Pilnick, Carl (10433631)84CAUSA2100
55Rinaldo, John (12807926)69CAUSA2085
56Sussman, Leonard (10113814)65CAUSA2063
Rudolph, Roger R (10321778)68MNUSA2063
58Snyder, Larry (10465117)65CAUSA2057
59Lutes, W John (10356547)70ILUSA2047
60Bondar, Leonid (12789353)67ILUSA2044
61Wagner, Lawrence F, Jr (10503469)69NYUSA2039
62Wetzell, Rolf (10007232)73MAUSA2036
63Galvin, Fred (11280099)71KSUSA2032
64Parreiras-Horta, Cesar L (10401933)65TXUSA2024
65Cotten, Donald R (10452716)70CAUSA2022
Zats, Yefrem (12700241)79NYUSA2022
67Buehl, Walter M (10138809)70NYUSA2020
68Sokolovsky, Mark (12643650)73CAUSA2019
69Karklins, Erik (10349851)92ILUSA2015
70Meigs, Donald J (12362250)68PAUSA2014
71Stevanovic, Miomir (10352371)68ILUSA2013
72Epp, Edward R, Dr (10019702)78MAUSA2012
Noy, Dmitriy N, Dr (13253086)72MAUSA2012
74Jaffray, John W (10495920)70CAUSA2011
Cohen, Ed (12457085)66CAUSA2011
Levitan, Alexander (12747794)69CAUSA2011
77Kushner, Howard B (12467592)66NYUSA2004
78Finegold, Ronald B (10295858)70MIUSA2003
79Koss, Edmund A (10049539)74NJUSA2002
80Berkowitz, Jerry (10069114)67NJUSA2001
Baroudi, Ziad (12538424)70CAUSA2001
82Nugent, Arthur P (10011191)66MAUSA2000
Napoli, Richard K (10046084)65NJUSA2000
Teasley, Dorothy (10074258)66NYUSA2000
Kreitner, Ilan (10118492)71NYUSA2000
Santiago, Reynaldo P (10223652)65MIUSA2000
Patteson, B L (10393957)69TXUSA2000
Grey, Peter G (10480574)72CAUSA2000
Schultz, Donald D (10516790)71FLUSA2000
Ambrad, Antonio J (11133843)67PAUSA2000
91Kalfas, Richard B (10138361)66NYUSA Unvalidated1998
92Norris, Kermit A (10438608)70CAUSA1997
93Brahimaj, Muharrem (12740982)68MAUSA1994
94Hunt, W Leigh (10467276)66CAUSA1986
95Villacorte, Renato S (10453976)66CAUSA Unvalidated1983
96Waxman, Marian (10109540)70NYUSA1981
Guilaroff, Jon D (12504108)69CAUSA1981
98Fornoff, Frederick H (10146321)71PAUSA1979
99Miller, Warren B (10424488)70NMUSA1975
Achagzai, Mohammad Tahir (12495822)69VAUSA1975
These Top 100 lists are updated every month by the United States Chess Federation. As of the June 2014 list, ages will be as of the first day of the month in which those ratings become official. For example, ages for the December lists will be as of December 1. (For Top 100 lists prior to June 2014, ages are as of the first day of the previous month.)

Ratings shown are the official US Chess ratings for the month indicated, which are generated on the third Wednesday of the month before they become official. Only current US Chess members with established ratings and ratings activity in the last year are shown. Please contact us if you have questions about these lists.