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Top Blitz Women Age 50 and Over July 2019

1Christiansen, Natasha C (11366805)57MAUSA1815
2Kuhner, Mary K (12005060)55WAUSA1810
3Dimitrijevic, Vesna (12436451)67MAUSA1649
4Likens, Jill Way (12122400)59SDUSA1614
5Carson, Anthea Jane (12614322)54CAUSA1530
6Richards, Kathy E (12508264)62MEUSA1374
7Naylor, Carla (11178464)53VAUSA1352
8Smith, Elizabeth C (15913683)65CTUSA1348
9Boyd, Karen (15632935)53GAUSA1091
10Thorpe, Maret (13483913)57ILUSA1035
11Olsen, Marti (12779325)55UTUSA1034
12Jamison, Helen (12779010)62TXUSA1027
13Herman, Shirley (14812654)59COUSA995
These Top 100 lists are updated every month by the United States Chess Federation. As of the June 2014 list, ages will be as of the first day of the month in which those ratings become official. For example, ages for the December lists will be as of December 1. (For Top 100 lists prior to June 2014, ages are as of the first day of the previous month.)

Ratings shown are the official US Chess ratings for the month indicated, which are generated on the third Wednesday of the month before they become official. Only current US Chess members with established ratings and ratings activity in the last year are shown. Please contact us if you have questions about these lists.


Top Player Lists

Top Player Lists