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Top Age 65 and Over July 2017

1Tarjan, James Edward (10991820)65ORUSA2477
2Foygel, Igor (12563122)69MAUSA2467
3Meyer, Eugene B (10122953)65VAUSA2443
4Peters, Jack (10011876)66CAUSA2442
5Kaufman, Lawrence Charles (10179416)69MDUSA2387
6Figler, Ilye (12713319)70NYUSA2355
7Kelleher, William (10012571)67MAUSA2323
8Kitces, Edward Nathan, Dr (10194636)67VAUSA2310
9Winslow, Elliott Charles (10363365)65CAUSA2291
=9Watson, John L (10373638)65CAUSA2291
11Zlotnikov, Mikhail (11453015)67NJUSA2289
12Lawless, Kerry Hamilton (10988926)67CAUSA2276
13Lunna, Todd W (10047943)67NJUSA2266
14Hoffmann, Asa (10076994)74NYUSA2257
15Tapper, Larry (10014549)68VAUSA2255
16Stoyko, Stephen Edward (10050227)69FLUSA2252
=16Murthy, Pappu (11038824)67OHUSA2252
18Dubeck, Leroy W (10061083)78NJUSA2251
19Gilden, Larry C (10170184)74MDUSA2249
20Saidy, Anthony F (10439949)80CAUSA2240
21Karklins, Andrew (10349842)70ILUSA2237
22Tennant, Steven (10341752)69ILUSA2236
23Formanek, Edward William (10349257)75NVUSA2228
24Kwartler, Lonnie S (10086795)74NYUSA2225
=24Davis, Loal W (10470501)67MOUSA2225
26Bury, Michael James (10182964)67PAUSA2219
27Meyer, John C (10169518)72VAUSA2217
28Fielding, Paul T (10068983)66PAUSA2215
29Sandager, Stephen M (10424101)65NMUSA2214
30Curdo, John A (10009201)85MAUSA2213
31Katz, Michael S (12699061)70NJUSA2212
32Potter, John Russell (10199018)68VAUSA2210
33Hulse, Brian (10078644)65TXUSA2208
34Kerman, David J (10435421)80CAUSA2207
35Collier, Philip M (10169861)68MDUSA2206
36Weinberger, Tibor (10439990)84CAUSA2205
37West, James R (10044812)65NJUSA2204
38Savage, Allan G (10014999)66MDUSA2203
=38Richard, Robert W (10061393)69CAUSA2203
40Brooks, John (10294380)71MIUSA2201
=40Zelkind, Eduard A (12214740)75MNUSA2201
42Terrie, Henry L (10025265)66NHUSA2200
=42Xanthos, Constantine (10075785)70FLUSA2200
=42Leverett, Bruce W (10142512)65PAUSA2200
=42Vickers, Keith (10199468)67CAUSA2200
=42Pohl, Klaus A (10214033)80SCUSA2200
=42Storch, Lawrence Alan (10227208)66FLUSA2200
=42Simms, Gary (10403227)75TXUSA2200
=42Wagner, Carl Ernest (10457122)76CAUSA2200
=42Prochaska, Peter (10477441)66ORUSA2200
=42Acosta, Mariano A (10529191)68ILUSA2200
=42Allen, Edward (10586542)70NJUSA2200
=42Thornally, Frank (11039910)73CAUSA2200
=42Salman, Nachum (11173764)71NVUSA2200
=42Berchenko, Sergey (12145620)71OHUSA2200
=42Reichstein, Boris (12455549)78MDUSA2200
57Wilson, Fred (10077508)71NYUSA2198
58Lipman, Vladimir I (12772384)68NJUSA2193
59Mc Laughlin, Clifford (12394067)75MAUSA2184
60Lonoff, Marc J (10015154)65ILUSA2171
61Malazarte, Ernesto L (13517950)65TXUSA2164
62Shakhnazarov, Oleg (12559233)70CAUSA2163
63Sammour, George (12496909)80RIUSA2150
64Yurenok, Sergey (13860576)67CAUSA2144
65Casden, Alan (10089051)66OHUSA2141
66Irwin, Peter M (11342175)73NYUSA2137
67Zavanelli, Max E (10079900)70FLUSA2134
68Mclaughlin, James (11243053)65MOUSA2127
69Larocca, Mark John (10266785)66MAUSA2120
70Crisologo, Raoul (12925427)65CAUSA2118
71O'Donnell, Robert E (10409233)66MIUSA2115
72Karell, Leif Kazuo (10176484)69MDUSA2109
73Humphrey, James (11351298)67CAUSA2101
74De Fotis, Gary C (10345898)70VAUSA2100
=74Polyakin, Vladimir (12287160)71NYUSA2100
=74Samimi, Sohrab (12394093)66PAUSA2100
77Frilles, Ruperto T (12205030)75ONUSA2093
78Koroljow, Walter (10163951)75DEUSA2085
79Jabali, Ron W (12642119)70CAUSA2083
80Maxwell, Daniel N (10285071)69VAUSA2081
81Lerman, Jerome (10480345)67CAUSA2079
82Gelinas, Charles R (11026290)65CAUSA2072
83Fabrikant, Oleg (15205102)72OHUSA2071
84Chase, Stephen M (10232937)73TXUSA2070
=84Williams, John R (10449979)67CAUSA2070
=84Cohen, Ed (12457085)76CAUSA2070
87Markovic, Arendal (12569761)67ILUSA2069
88Beckman, Thomas J (10192561)70DCUSA2067
89Probasco, Robert D (10305250)65TXUSA2063
=89Rupel, David (10509173)67WAUSA2063
91Morris, Michael J (10505798)69ORUSA2062
92Wolf, Robert S (10470650)71CAUSA2059
93Rader, Robert J (10062039)73NJUSA2057
94Wooten, Aaron (12465013)65CAUSA2054
95Lohrman, Ronald E (10135354)75NYUSA2053
=95Anderson, Michael S (12518238)66SCUSA2053
97Damey, Michael A (11509673)67FLUSA2051
=97Bartron, Paul (12590173)69WAUSA2051
99Babcock, Thomas Charles (10841704)65MNUSA2050
100Newcomb, Blaine (12526243)66AZUSA2049
These Top 100 lists are updated every month by the United States Chess Federation. As of the June 2014 list, ages will be as of the first day of the month in which those ratings become official. For example, ages for the December lists will be as of December 1. (For Top 100 lists prior to June 2014, ages are as of the first day of the previous month.)

Ratings shown are the official US Chess ratings for the month indicated, which are generated on the third Wednesday of the month before they become official. Only current US Chess members with established ratings and ratings activity in the last year are shown. Please contact us if you have questions about these lists.