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Top Girls Age 18 regardless of Country, Residence, or Federation May 2017

1Virkud, Apurva (13464694)18MIUSA2273
2Liao, Simone (13228302)18PAUSA2230
3Oreshko, Maryia (13494590)18NJUSA2162
4Xiang, Evan (12966415)18TXUSA2120
5Mcgrew, Clara (13377446)18MIUSA2078
6Hua, Margaret M (13289400)18MOUSA1958
7Palang, Caissa (13814891)18TXUSA1949
8Zhao, Annie (13473022)18TXUSA1912
9Chen, Evelyn (13547567)18GAUSA1850
10Wing, Emma (13438875)18AZGER1840
=10Tao, Rachel (13789655)18ONCAN1840
12Mcgreen, Maya (12937601)18NYUSA1801
13Alter, Deanna (14431124)18COUSA1776
14Morejon, Helen (15058095)18FLCUB1750
15Mcgreen, Mariah (12939578)18NYUSA1701
16Cancio, Aiya (13850035)18AZUSA1676
17Zhang, Jane (13817398)18NYUSA1668
18Ray, Bethany (13552855)18NCUSA1467
19Cuate, Edeli (14096560)18NYUSA1260
20Leos, Emily (14264993)18TXUSA1253
21Hodina, Regan E (12981261)18IAUSA1212
22Camarda, Diane Emilie (15187942)18KSUSA1179
23Dagher, Viola N (12972273)18TXUSA1157
24Sun, Vanessa (14443608)18NYUSA1152
25Ross, Maya (15690023)18ILUSA1148
26Marzen, Brittney (15389050)18PAUSA1097
27Liu, Jane (15125354)18NYUSA1039
28Rivas, Cristina (13773596)18TXUSA970
29Bonnell, Katlyn (13419970)18INUSA968
30Shah, Perima (21027957)18INUSA933
31Thilmany, Elizabeth (15310644)18COUSA914
32Zheng, Yaying (14970593)18NYUSA905
33Guzman, Vanessa Renee (13245380)18TXUSA898
34Louie, Caitlin (14970551)18NYUSA892
35Kennedy, Hui (14884093)18MEUSA877
36Vigil, Crissy (14758448)18IAUSA787
37Roberson, Sydney (15410066)18ILUSA764
38Doty, Emily (15414871)18NVUSA763
39Alvarez, Anna M (13762815)18TXUSA730
40Knee, Lesley-Ann (15245780)18COUSA643
41Van Vooren, Cassidy (13840133)18CAUSA633
42Lyle, Shiwani (14569333)18NVUSA632
43Murphy, Juliette (15686727)18NYUSA611
44Wedel, Krysta M (14653616)18KSUSA538
45Andrews, Katherine E (14661658)18VAUSA506
These Top 100 lists are updated every month by the United States Chess Federation. As of the June 2014 list, ages will be as of the first day of the month in which those ratings become official. For example, ages for the December lists will be as of December 1. (For Top 100 lists prior to June 2014, ages are as of the first day of the previous month.)

Ratings shown are the official US Chess ratings for the month indicated, which are generated on the third Wednesday of the month before they become official. Only current US Chess members with established ratings and ratings activity in the last year are shown. Please contact us if you have questions about these lists.