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31314129: GRACE HUANG
Tournament directors should use the appropriate published rating unless otherwise announced in all pre-tournament publicity. For events that begin prior to June 1st, the May supplement should be used.

The ratings shown on this page are official published ratings, which US Chess issues 12 times a year. As of September 1, 2013, Official ratings lists are generated on the 3rd Wednesday of each month and become official on the 1st day of the next month. For unofficial rating information from recently rated events, see the 'Tnmt Hst' tab.

Current Published
Rating ( Supplement)
Regular Rating 257   2024-05
Quick Rating 238   2024-05
Blitz Rating (Unrated)  
Online-Regular Rating (Unrated)  
Online-Quick Rating (Unrated)  
Online-Blitz Rating (Unrated)  
Last Rated Event: 202403247112 FREE CHESS IN WHITTIER # 195 Rated on 2024-03-28

National and State Rankings
Current RankingRank as of 2024-06-01 Percentile
Overall Ranking65509(Tied) out of 7806016.1
Junior Ranking46320(Tied) out of 5846720.8
Female Ranking6473 out of 9892 34.6
State Ranking (CA-S)3354(Tied) out of 384012.7
Note: Only current or recent members who have played within the past year are ranked. See Frequent Questions.

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Correspondence Rating (Unrated)
State CA
Gender F
Expiration Dt. 2024-06-30
Last Change Dt. 2024-05-01
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